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Legal Is Complicated, We Simplify It


3 Ways We protect your business

Protect Your Identity


Register your trademark(s) to protect your business identity. 

Your business identity includes your business name, logo, slogan, and more. Without a registered trademark, you do not own your business identity.  Contrary to popular belief, an LLC does not provide you with ownership of your business name.

Protect Your Relationships

Protect your business relationships by utilizing contracts.

Your business relationships consist of internal and external individuals that help your business run.

Internal relationships include employees, independent contractors, interns, etc. External relationships include facility vendors, social media manager, accountant, etc. 

Protect Your Creativity


Protect how your business expresses itself with copyright registration.

Your creativity includes your website content, logo, pictures, podcast episodes, videos, ebooks and guides, courses, and more.

Without a registered copyright you cannot sue someone for using your content without your permission. 


Stop wasting time trying to figure out how to legally protect your business. Contact us today and let us create a simple list of action items needed to get PROTECTID™. 



Waiting to register your trademark is a dangerous game! Consequences of delaying range from increased trademark registration cost to loss of your business identity. 

To learn more download our free guide 5 Reasons to Register Your Trademark Now and learn why you should register your trademark today. 

Submitting a trademark application commences a legal process that may end in litigation. The person reviewing your application is a skilled trademark attorney (examining attorney). The Examining Attorney's job is to protect trademarks that are already register.

Download our free e-book to learn 5 things everyone should know before filing their own trademark.

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