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Trademark Registration Prevents


Rebranding can cost upwards of $10,000 depending on the size of your business. 

Customer Confusion

When confused customers shop with a similar business, you lose money!

Trademark Infringement

Without a registered trademark, it is perfectly legal for 2 businesses with similar business names to coexist

Our Clients Build Their Businesses Worry Free:

  • Prevent business identity theft  (business name, logo, slogan, etc.);

  • Never worry about a trademark infringement lawsuit;

  • Avoid $10,000+ rebranding;

  • Avoid losing inventory and money due to a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Our Clients Avoid Customer Confusion:

  • Ownership. Becoming the only business in the entire country to use their trademark (business name, logo, slogan, etc.)

  • Stop Brand Thieves. Leveraging the power of their registration to shutdown brand thieves without filing a single lawsuit!

  • Profit from Brand Thieves. Recoup money from brand thieves and destroy infringing inventory.

  • Stop counterfeit imports. 

Our Clients Are Positioned for Success:

  • Increased business valuation (registered trademark is an asset);

  • Positioned for next level deals (licensing/franchising/etc.)


Client's We've Worked With

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We've Worked With Clients From Various Industries Including:

  • Apparel 

  • Aviation

  • Beauty

  • Education and Social Awareness

  • Finance

  • Food and Beverage

  • Health and Wellness

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Our Process:

1. Schedule a Discovery Call

Learn more about trademarks, the trademark registration process, and our trademark registration packages.

2. Purchase Your Trademark Package

Select the trademark registration package that fits your business needs.

*Skip the call and purchase now if you're ready to protect your brand

3. Relax

Your work is done! Kick your feet up while we get to work.

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Our Trademark Packages

  • Newprenuer™

    Perfect for businesses operating less than 2 years.
    Valid for one month
    • One (1) 20 Minute Client Call
    • Comprehensive Trademark Clearance Search
    • Search Report
    • Attorney Opinion Letter
    • Recorded Attorney Search Review
    • Email Support
    • One (1) Trademark Class ($350 value)
    • Drafted Application (no revisions)
    • BONUS: Cease & Desist Letter Template ($99 value)
  • Best Value


    Perfect for businesses operating 2-5 years.
    Valid for one month
    • Everything in the Newpreneur™ plus:
    • Live Search Review Meeting (via zoom)
    • Non-substantive Office Action Responses
    • Application Drafted (1 revision)
    • BONUS: Framed Trademark Registration Certificate
  • CEO

    Perfect for businesses operating 5+ years.
    Valid for one month
    • Everything in the Entrepreneur Plus:
    • Two (2) trademark classes ($700 value)
    • Application drafted (two revisions)
    • Substantive and Non-substantive Office Action Response
    • BONUS: 1 Month Free Trademark Watch Service ($196 value)

At the Brand Activator Law Firm we know you are the kind of business owner who wants to build a business capable of longevity and producing generational wealth. In order to do so, you need a business that is easily identifiable. The problem is, there's too many brand thieves, copycats, and customer confusers, which makes you feel frustrated. We believe your brand is deserving of protection and brand thieves have no place in business. We understand your frustration. Thats why we help business owners protect their brand identity through trademark registration.


Here's how it works, schedule a Discovery Call to learn more, purchase the registration package that fits your business needs, and relax. Really, that's it! So, schedule a Discovery Call so you can stop worrying about the theft of your brand identity and start building your business worry free. 


Trademark Registration is Too Expensive

The cost to register your trademark only increases over time. The longer you wait to register your trademark the more complicated it may become. Trademark rights are based on first to use, but registration is based on first to file. If someone registers your exact or similar trademark before you, then you'll have the added cost of seeking cancellation or negotiating with the other party to allow your registration. 

Lastly, trademark registration is about brand ownership. If someone offered to sell you a house for $3,000 you'd jump at the opportunity. Why? Because you understand the value of home ownership. Trademark registration is just like buying a house, except your buying ownership of your business name, logo, slogan, etc. A registered trademark is an asset that increases in value over time, just like your home. 


Legal Zoom is Cheaper

Legal Zoom is cheaper and here's why: Legal Zoom is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. Legal Zoom is a document preparation company that relies on the accuracy of the information you provide them. Legal Zoom cannot ask clarifying questions, or change the information you provide.


So, say you entered the incorrect class on a Legal Zoom form. Legal Zoom cannot ask you to clarify is the selected class is correct and they will submit your registered application with the incorrect class selected. To make matters even worse, the USPTO (where registration applications are submitted) will not refund your filing fees.


Lastly, Legal Zoom cannot assist with any legal defense you may need to support your registration application including responding to Office Actions or cease and desist letters.  

I Don't Need an Attorney. I Can Do it On My Own

Trademark registration is an adversarial legal process. You wouldn't go to criminal court without an attorney and you shouldn't register your trademark with the assistance of an attorney!


When your registration application is submitted it is assigned to a skilled Examining Attorney. The Examining Attorney's job is to protect trademarks that are already registered by ensuring your application does not cause a likelihood of confusion. The Examining Attorney can raise many legal arguments to deny your registration. A skilled and experience trademark attorney can help (1) prevent legal objections altogether, or (2) defend your registration against the Examining Attorney's claims to successfully obtain your registration.   


I'll Wait Until My Business is "Big"

The truth is, you need a registered trademark to grow your business. Without it you cannot create a distinctive business. Businesses grow with they are distinctive, when they standout. Without a registered trademark you have no power to stop brand thieves who use similar business names, logos, slogans, etc.


Additionally, without a registered trademark you cannot enter into next level deals. You cannot enter into agreements, licensing or franchise deals. Think of the flip side, why would anyone pay you when they can just copy what you're doing? 

I Don't Need to Register Now

You do! Waiting to register your trademark is a dangerous game. Consequences for waiting range from increased trademark registration cost to complete loss of your trademark. If this happens you'll be forced to finance a $10,000+ rebranding effort.

For more information download our free guide 5 Reasons to Register Your Trademark Now