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Brand Activator Law Firm

Brands are built by protecting intellectual property

- Attorney Victoria Velazquez Walker

The Brand Activator Law Firm was created to help small business owners protect their business' by implementing our proprietary 7 Pillars of Brand Protection. Attorney Walker created the 7 Pillars of Brand Protection after working with small business owners and identifying various risks inherent in operation of any business.

Your business is best protected when you've implemented various forms of protection. We understand that you want a business capable of longevity and producing generational wealth. To do so, you must protect your business from various risk. That's why we help business owners just like you protect their business by implementing the following 7 Pillars of Brand Protection:


1. Legally Formed Business Entity;

2. Customized Contracts;

3. General Counsel;

4. Intellectual Property Protection (trademark & copyright registration)

5. Website Policies and Disclaimers;

6. Insurance; and 

7. Accounting/bookkeeping.

As the above list indicates, protecting your business requires more than legal assistance. We take a comprehensive approach to protecting your business so you can build your business worry free.  

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