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Featured Books

Books recommended by Victoria Walker to help you grow as a CEO and help your business flourish.

*Affiliated links. Victoria Walker receives a commission for purchases made using the links below. 

CEO Development 

Getting to Yes

This book teaches how to negotiate without positional bargaining. CEOs negotiate everyday. It may be a small issue such as an employee asking for a raise or a big issue such as negotiating the terms of a merger agreement. This books teaches CEOs how to get to yes without giving in.

Business Development 


If want to create a business that stands out, attracts and retains customers/clients with ease, then Uncopyable is a MUST read! Uncopyable teaches CEOs how to create a unique brand that stands out in your industry and acquires new customers/clients with ease. The best part? Steve Miller teaches you how to do this in less than 150 pages! This is a no brainer! 


My Beloved World

Inspiration for your soul. Justice Sotomayor is honest, funny, vulnerable, and is Victoria's favorite book. Justice Sotomayor talks about the importance of sharing your story truthfully and vulnerably and states others walking your path need to see a role "model in the flesh" to "confirm the possibility" that someone who looks like them, grew up in the same conditions/neighborhood as them, and fought against the same odds like them has ascended to something of value.  

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