Protect Your


Without a Registered Trademark

Customer Confusion

Without a registered trademark it is perfectly legal for a business doing the exact same thing as use to use your exact business name if the business is located in a different state. And there's nothing you can do about it!

Lack of

Without a registered trademark you lack the ability to stop brand thieves, copycats, customer confusers, etc. This is becoming increasingly problematic in the age of social media.


Without a registered trademark you're constantly stressed about the protection of your brand identity. You're worried about businesses confusing your customers and stealing your profits. You're worried about customer confusers destroying your business reputation. All of this takes you away from what you should be focused on, and that's building your business. 

Trademark Registration Benefits

Brand Identity Ownership

Trademark registration is the ONLY way to obtain brand identity ownership. Ownership of your business name, logo, slogan, etc.  No, your LLC does NOT provide you with business name ownership. An LLC is a business structure. 

Business Identity Exclusivity

A registered trademark provides you with the exclusive right to operate and market under said trademark. NO OTHER business, in the entire country, will be able to use the exact or SIMILAR trademark. 

Stop Customer Confusion

Leverage the power of your registration to stop brand thieves and  copycats without filing a single lawsuit!

Our Client's Build Their Businesses Worry Free:

  • Prevent business identity theft  (business name, logo, slogan, etc.);

  • Never worry about a trademark infringement lawsuit;

  • Avoid $10,000+ rebranding;

  • Avoid losing inventory and money due to a trademark infringement lawsuit.

Our Client's Avoid Customer Confusion:

  • Ownership. Becoming the only business in the entire country to use their trademark (business name, logo, slogan, etc.)

  • Stop Brand Thieves. Leveraging the power of their registration to shutdown brand thieves without filing a single lawsuit!

  • Profit from Brand Thieves. Recoup money from brand thieves and destroy infringing inventory.

  • Stop counterfeit imports. 

Our Client's Are Positioned for Success:

  • Increased business valuation (registered trademark is an asset);

  • Positioned for next level deals (licensing/franchising/etc.)

Our Trademark Registration Process

2. Purchase Your Trademark Package

Select the trademark registration package that fits your business needs.

3. Relax

Your work is done! Kick your feet up while we get to work.

1. Schedule a Discovery Call

Learn more about trademarks, the trademark registration process, and our trademark registration packages.

We know you are the kind of business owner who wants to build a business capable of longevity and producing generational wealth. In order to do so, you need a business that is easily identifiable. The problem is, theres too many brand thieves, copycats, and customer confusers, which makes you feel frustrated. We understand your frustration. Thats why we help business owners protect their brand identity through trademark registration.


Here's how it works, schedule a Discovery Call to learn more, purchase the registration package that fits your business needs, and relax. Really, that's it! So, schedule a Discovery Call so you can stop worrying about the theft of your brand identity and start building your business worry free. 

Trademark Packages




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Two Trademark Classes ($700 Value)

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